Me Jean Marois

President, LL.M., C.Med., Adm.A. at PRDSA

Practices: private dispute prevention and resolution processes, labour and employment law.

Me Jean Marois, LL.M., C.Med., is director of Profesionnals in dispute resolution S.A (PRDSA) and an accredited mediator by the Québec Bar, the Institute of mediation and arbitration of Québec (IMAQ), the Institute of mediation and arbitration of Canada (ADRIC) and the Éducadroits International mediation institute (IMI).

Me Marois practices law in the areas of municipal, business and labour law. He acts as a mediator, investigator and facilitator in several fields, including organizational and interpersonal conflicts, group conflicts, contractual and commercial disputes, psychological harassment and complaints related to financial services. He also facilitates discussions in various contexts, such as the transfer of shares in private companies or intersectoral consultations on public policy-making. Furthermore, Me Marois provides mediation and investigation services for many provincial government organisms and departments as well as for federal corporations, municipalities and private companies.

Me Marois is a lecturer in the Prevention and dispute resolution graduate program offered by the Faculty of Law of the University of Sherbrooke, where he has been teaching an advanced mediation class for over ten years. Me Marois has contributed to the training of hundreds of mediators in the context of the civil and commercial mediation program offered by the University of Sherbrooke in collaboration with l’Institut de médiation et d’arbitrage du Québec (IMAQ).