Me Geneviève Hardy

Lawyer at PRDSA with Me Jean Marois

Practices: private dispute prevention and resolution processes, labour and employment law.

Me Geneviève Hardy has been working with PRDSA since 2007. After completing her internship at the firm and practicing civil and commercial litigation as well as corporate law and labor law, Me Hardy now practices law in the area of conflict prevention and resolution. She is actively involved in the firm’s cases that fall under the areas of civil and commercial arbitration, training, mediation, and investigation.

In the course of her practice, she performs mediation mandates for public and private organizations in the fields of civil, commercial and labor law (prevention and conflict management in the workplace, neutral evaluation and investigation in psychological harassment, shareholder disputes and business relationships). She also frequently acts as an investigator in cases related to complaints of psychological harassment.

Me Hardy holds a law degree from the University Laval. Having graduated from the mediation program at both the University of Sherbrooke and the Institute for Mediation and Arbitration of Quebec (IMAQ), she has earned the title of accredited mediator from the Quebec Bar, the IMAQ and the Court of Quebec in the areas of civil, commercial and labor law. Me Hardy is currently a candidate for the master’s program in Dispute prevention and resolution offered by the Faculty of Law of the University of Sherbrooke.