The lawyers practicing within the firm Ferland Marois Lanctot, nominal partnership, have an established and distinctive competence in their particular area(s) of practice. This expertise enables them to offer services adapted to today's legal challenges.

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Tarik Alexandre Chbani
Marie-Claude Dagenais
Joseph Daoura
Diana Draganova
Jean-Marc Ferland
Geneviève Hardy
Sara Kurani
Jean Lanctot
Laurence Larrivée-Fortin
Jean Marois
Monica Maynard
Stéphanie Pointier
Alexandre L. Racine
Noémie Raza
Marie-Hélène Sylvestre
Antoine Z. Sfeir

Administrative and professional support

Mireille Dion
Law clerk
Fannie Lamoureux
Law clerk
Margaux Mary
Gerard Rupp
Independant consultant